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This Legal Notice (together with all the documents mentioned therein) compiles the conditions of general use of the services offered by the URL (hereinafter the WEBSITE) with the users of the WEBSITE. The owner of this website and its content is INFISPORT S.L. (hereinafter INFISPORT), being the owner of the domain name, as well as the materials presented by said domain, unless otherwise specified. The contact information is presented in the header of this section. Through the WEBSITE, access to and the use of various services and materials is made available to users. These materials, regardless of their nature, may be generated either by, or by third parties. The provision of all this information and these materials, as well as access to them, is presented free of charge to users, regardless of the services that may be requested and/or contracted.


By browsing the WEBSITE and/or by using the services included within it, the condition of the users is acquired. Both the navigation and the use of the WEBSITE and/or the use of any of the services of the WEBSITE suppose the acceptance of the User condition, without reservations of any kind, accepting each and every one of these General Conditions of Use included in this Legal Notice. As a User of the WEBSITE, you declare, guarantee and pledge that: (a) you have the legal capacity to be part of this agreement; (b) you are at least eighteen (18) years of age; (c) you will not use any right granted to you in this legal notice for illicit purposes; and (d) you will use the service only in the manner that is set forth in this legal notice. Likewise, the Users of this WEBSITE are informed that these General Conditions of Use may be modified without prior notification. Consequently, users should carefully read this Legal Notice each time they proceed to use the WEBSITE, as it may have been modified. To access certain content of the WEBSITE, it may be necessary to download and installation certain programs, as well as other components, onto the computer equipment of the users. All downloads and installation will be the responsibility of the users, diverting any responsibility on the part of INFISPORT. The WEBSITE, the validity of which is indefinite, reserves the right to cease the provision of its services without cause or justified reason and without prior notice.


The information or personal data you provide us with about yourself will be processed in accordance with the provisions of data protection policies. By using the WEBSITE you consent to the processing of such information and data and declare that all the information or data you provide is true and corresponds to reality. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.


All the materials presented through the website, both textual and visual, as well as the programming code itself, are protected by their respective creators by the laws on Intellectual and Industrial Property, either nationally or in their respective countries. The provisions of articles 8 and 32.1 in the second paragraph of the Intellectual Property Law are applied. The content of this website must be used on a personal basis; any other use involving the copying, reproduction, distribution, transformation, public communication or any other similar action, of all or part of the content of the website, will not be permitted, and must be requested in writing to INFISPORT (see the header of the document) or to the corresponding creators of the requested material. In this way, no USER may carry out these actions without the prior written authorisation of INFISPORT or the third party owner of the intellectual or industrial property rights. All links, including hyperlinks, that lead to the website may not in any way show, directly or indirectly, false, inaccurate or misleading information. Similarly, the WEBSITE is not responsible for ensuring external links are always operational or for the speed of access to the linked pages. Great care is taken to guarantee the security and absence of viruses in your systems deriving from the WEBSITE and all software and hardware. Liability is excluded for viruses or other types of computer programmes that damage the systems or equipment of those users who access websites with links to


Users are obliged not to use the WEBSITE or the services offered in it to carry out activities contrary to current legislation, morality or public order and, in general, to use it in accordance with contractual good faith. The use of the contents and services of this WEBSITE suppose the acceptance of these conditions, failing which it may be subject to the corresponding legal actions, which will be processed in the relevant courts to this effect. In any case, INFISPORT will not be responsible for the opinions expressed by the users through any participation tool. The WEBSITE makes available to the users an effective means of communication with INFISPORT through the contact information indicated in point 1, committing to providing users with this communication channel in accordance with the law, uses and practices and public order. The access to the contents of the WEBSITE by the users, will be under their total responsibility and they will not be able to pass on to INFISPORT any consequences derived directly or indirectly from access to the WEBSITE, be they physical, logical, moral or personal. The WEBSITE may hold users responsible for misusing the website or causing damage or harm to third parties, as well as possible viruses or computer programmes that may be introduced, generated or hosted on the website and that damage or may damage both the content and the proper functioning of it, regarding the equipment, systems and programmes of the website users. The WEBSITE reserves the right to use the so-called "cookies", in any type of use of the website. However, USERS are informed of the possibility of rejecting this use on their computer terminal through the options available on their web browser or through dedicated solutions. Please read our Cookies Policy to find greater detail on the cookies we use, their purpose and other information of interest.


INFISPORT reserves the right to deny or withdraw access to the portal and/or the services offered without the need for prior notice, on its own initiative or that of a third party, to those users who fail to comply with these general conditions of use.


INFISPORT is not responsible, in any case, for damages of any kind that may cause, by way of example: errors or omissions in the content, lack of availability of the WEBSITE or the transmission of viruses or malicious or harmful programmes in the content, despite having adopted all the necessary technological measures to avoid it. Users agree to indemnify, defend and protect the WEBSITE and its employees, against any claim, complaint, lawsuit or other legal proceeding initiated against the WEBSITE and its employees, should such claim, complaint, lawsuit or legal proceeding be based on or arise in relation to the service or any link thereof, including, among others: - the use made by you or another person who uses the service on your computer; - the noncompliance with the general conditions in this document by you or another person who uses your computer; - the claim that the use of the service made by you or another person infringes the intellectual property rights, or personality or publicity rights, of third parties, constitutes libel, or is defamatory, or is harmful to third parties; - any omission, addition, insertion or alteration, or any unauthorised use of the service made by you or another person using your computer (as the case may be); - the falsification or alteration of the declaration or guarantee made by you included in this document; or - the violation of pledges or agreements made by you below. You agree to pay all costs, damages and losses, including, but not limited to, reasonable fees for legal services and costs incurred, related to or arising from claims, complaints or other proceedings related thereto. INFISPORT will pursue noncompliance with these general conditions, as well as any improper use of its website, exercising all corresponding legal actions.


If any or some of these conditions, or those contained in the documents mentioned herein, were to be declared null and void by a final decision issued by the competent authority, the remaining terms and conditions will remain in force, without being affected by this declaration of nullity.


The relationship between INFISPORT and its users will be governed by current Spanish regulations and any dispute will be submitted to the Courts and Tribunals of Castellón.